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Shanghai Port

The Port of Shanghai is China’s most populous city, the world’s second busiest seaport, and one of the world’s largest cities by area. Located on the mouth of the Yangtze River in east central China off the East China Sea, the Port of Shanghai is a municipality with province status in the People’s Republic of China. The Port of Shanghai is about 421 kilometers southeast of the Port of Lianyungang and about 430 nautical miles north of the Port of Taipeiin Taiwan. The Port of Shanghai is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. In 2002, over 16.2 million people lived in the Port of Shanghai municipality.

Each month, over two thousand container ships leave the Port of Shanghai carrying their cargo to the world’s major continents and markets. Containers are the heart of the Port of Shanghai’s business.

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Sunday, 03 February 2013 00:00

Ambarli Port

ALTAŞ Ambarlı Port Facilities Trade Co. Inc., is the general management, joint-service and coordination company of Port of Ambarlı which has responsibilities on general management, infrastructure, planning, geologic studies, security and environmental arrangements of areas used collectively by 7 different terminals operating in Port of Ambarlı that is located in the European Side of Marmara Region. The preferential objective of ALTAŞ is to enhance the common areas of Port of Ambarlı that is the biggest foreign trade gate of Marmara Region, to conduct and operate in an effective and efficient manner, to support the continuity of operational activities of terminals by the back-field services. Through considering this point, ALTAŞ continuously improves its activities in order to promote the interests of Port of Ambarlı Community and to strengthen the competitive position of the port.

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